November 11th 2021

Dear readers,
As you might have noticed that a small group of veteran activists (including myself) have been quiet for a while now.
The reason for this I will elaborate in this article. But first of all I want to say I have been an activist for more than 10 years and always
did so with good conscious and intentions. Recently our small group distanced it selves from the ‘mainstream activism' channels because
we put our question marks about the motives and certain people within those activist collective circles. I do not want to name them because
I do not want to give them any gratification nor do I want to enable them to play a ‘victim role ‘ and bring them more of a spotlight than
they already have. Some of these "activists" have their own online platforms and live streams. There is nothing wrong with having an
online platform where you can voice your concerns about certain things in the world. With activists being arrested for speaking the truth
it makes a person question everything to navigate our world. But with such channels comes a certain responsibility to police their own
content to center on facts. Now one of the persons is a fanatic anti censorship activist. I agree to a certain degree on that. In what context
I mean that I bet you wonder, now let me elaborate on it. Certain people within those platforms are willingly or unwillingly saying things
that could be potentially dangerous for others. As I said, having a public voice brings responsibility for content. Giving some people who
in my opinion are too much in love with hearing their own voice, say things that potentially could lead to violence between those who
follow their words and protest in the streets. The owners of the channels I speak of do have a responsibility to not give a platform to
people that are potential agitators and instigators. But since they refuse to do so and throw it all on no censorship and freedom of speech,
Our small group of activists do have a moral compass and sense that freedom of speech is good but does have certain limits. The spreading
of hate speech or instigating others in a way that may lead to violence is not included in the "Free Speech" argument. In a closed and
private conversation between us and the owners of those channels we did address our concerns about certain people they give a platform
to and the dangerous things that they say. We pointed on the potential consequences that might lead to violence which our small group are
very strongly against. But rather than taking our concerns to heart, they threw some of us out and still continue giving these potential dangerous
people & ideals a platform. The others within that platform do not (as we did) dare to stand up and raise flags of concern but rather "Echo"
all that they say in agreement, turning an activist channel in to a "Echo" chamber. In our opinion they are no longer activists but ‘ "Echovists"
just repeating these potentially dangerous messages that may potentially work out negatively for activism in general may lead to more
violence in the streets. This is everything our small group of people that do agree with these concerns do not condone or support. As the
saying goes ‘ violence only leads to more violence ‘ and that is true. In those 10 years I have been an active activist I always try to guide
people that are activists or want to engage in activism to do their own research on matters and form their own opinions instead of just
"Echoing" certain popular streams and discussions. Never let instigators and agitators convince you into using aggression as a tool in
activism! If not you will only reach the opposite goal and will lose your credibility. Do your research before acting vocally or protesting
in the streets and use common sense and morals.. but do protest for or against things that your government and elected officials do or say.
Do I regret my decisions you might wonder, no I do not because our small group still stands for honesty and doing we believe was right.
Even if it means going against the other "Echovists" who we have raised raised our concerns about in those groups, which we had zero
communication with. I will continue what I am doing, writing for Localleaksand keep in touch with those who share my moral compass.

Ted fiber ,

Localleaks reporter

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