The Florida Files

Its election time again and the shit storm of candidates that fill the polls are just bad and worse.
From the son-n-law of a mafia boss sheriff to union loving right violating gunman. At what point do
we as people stop and think? We are in 2020 and our ignorance is shameful. The law enforcement entities
have always been sombodies bitch and it has never been the taxed peoples. Always has the long arm of the
law worked for outside infulances and through the buddy system. We as people are brainwashed in the
indoctrination camps called "public Schools" to believe the bull-dung that they drill into us.
Look around. Tell me that what you just read is not the reality you are living in. The whole past few
months has only been fear porn to create a horrible reality and stressful time for the entire world. The
corruption is not just in one country it is global. It is not one little country town. This is a global corruption
problem. In the states we are so ignorantelly bliss.

We have choices to make for our future generations. Look around you and take a long thought about the reality
we are all in. Is this what you feel the youth deserve? It is past time that we all act more responsible. Lets
try and do that by making a choice about our local law. Hillsborough County sheriffs office has major corruption
problems. From Chad Chronister being placed in office and not elected to staff of the hillsborough county sheriffs
office continuilly showing how they cover up for eachother and will lie in reports and in court. Favoritisim is
showed to many of the known corrupt high ranking staff. Zero accountability by the county commissioners who fund the
peoples sheriff office. When "we the people" ask the hillsborough county commissioners for accountability we are
laughed at and mocked. Things are working the exact oposit as we are all taught and nobody is really getting any
change at any level.

The candidates in Hillsborough county florida for sheriff are:

Chad Chronister

Gary Pruitt

Charles Boswell

Not even going to mention the political parties as both parties are wings of the same poisonous bird. Chad and
Charles have had a ongoing legal case that has spanned for many years. In that case are many Hillsborough county
employees/deputies that have been caught faking reports and tampering with evidence. The public record of the case
is about 137 pages of jaw-dropping corruption and clearly underhanded behavior. This should be of grave concern to
all of the residence of hillsborough county Florida. Gary Pruitt is running on a campaign platform that is "Pro-Union".
Unions in lawenforcement only complicate things. Unions make it so that it is almost imopssible to get rid of
bad/corrupt/abusive deputies. The sad part of all of this is the majority do not clearly see the corruption untill it
directly impacts their life. Yet once it does impact the lives of a "people' it is to late.

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