Cyberstalking & Harrassment: The Dark Side of Youtube

A project designed to find truth but ultimately exposes a consistent problem in the popular video-sharing platform.

The following article includes parts of a typed testimony that was submitted on our site along with different folders. When we first read this,
we realized that this a testimony that needed to be shared. But we also knew that its a testimony that needed to be vetted throughly. So we conducted
our own research and we show off our findings. So what you’ll read is the culmuniation of it.

If this thing got to you safely then I appreciate
that your staff are taking a reading to it. What Im about to tell you is basically more or less the continuation of what your staff has published
before on your site. Recently I revisted a file that your site has on ShannyForChrist or real name Shannon Dornbush, who recently in the last week
or two was busted for child abuse and neglect. Because of the conditions she and her family left behind on their townhouse when they moved to the
east coast . This is after facing eviction notice for almost 6 months. The conditions were so deplorable, its caused a massive outrage that people
are heavily condemning her for it.

In the midst of it all, somebody. I don’t know who, used her likeness to try to portray her and created separate accounts. This was done as an attempt
to scam people or the very few followers that she still has left. When I saw that, it reminded me of the impending problem YouTube has when it comes to
duplicate accounts or sock accounts , cyberstalking and mostly harassment. And I’m not saying Shanny by any means is a victim in this. Absolutely not.
Your staff have the files that show what a horrible person she is. This is one of the reasons she uses to justify her reactions and behavior. But I’m here
to tell you that she is not a victim as her own actions caused her downfall. Shannon Dornbush, also known on the internet as ShannyForChrist along with
her boyfriend Jason Egroff or Revelation News have cultivated an infamous reputation. Which include racists remarks, bigotry, soff doxxing people who
disagree with her, insinuate suicide attempts and never-ending slander beyond reproach. Upon investigation, we discovered a video where Shannon’s mother
speaks out of her daughters past actions when she lived with her and described the living conditions at the time.

The reason I refer to this YouTube issue is to the people who have been utterly harassed that didn’t deserve it. There’s many people that go through it
and suffer through it daily. Some in silence. I’m going to tell you an example of this. And the only reason I mention shanny is because she participated
in the slander and aided in the doxxing in a chat room where she was a moderator for. And in fact stopped other moderators when they were trying to stop
said action. Now how would I know this? Because this was the first time I saw it happening in real time. I took screenshots of that moment.

After that Shanny put out a video on November 9 at approximately 12:00 pm EST. Basically saying throwing out slanderous accusations against a woman that
ranged from the woman smoking crack on screen, nodding off because she was high so much, sleeps with countless men. Even went as far to say that the woman
was a drug addict because she felt guilty of an incident of the woman’s past of running over her kid with her car.

I would like to state for the record that all these accusations are false. At the time, Shanny was saying the woman’s name and a bit few clues as to what
was happening. So I started to dig a lil bit. Found the channel and the woman she was referring to. Who for the purposes of this, I’ll name her Z. Knowing
the infamy that shanny through kiwi farms as I spend time there. I knew that her words couldn’t be trusted. So I had to verify for myself, of what was it
all that about. I think at the time she had her original twitter. So I scrolled down to see any references to see before. Sure enough I found a sin. You
see what shanny never tells you is that she also sexually harassed Z on twitter months before.

However shanny is not the subject matter of this topic but it had to be explained. This because the information that she was spewing out in this video came
from a group of people who for months at that point have been harassing the woman in question. In fact, this group was documented a bit by 2 YouTube channels
that was covering some leaks of Shanny’s discord server at the time. That’s how I came to know about your site. One of those channels covered a video where one
of the men and who’s presumed to be his son were alluding to essentially reveal Z’s real name. I watched the whole video of the archived stream. That’s when I
heard the other side of the story. But giving that innuendo and how the kid was behaving? It left me with more questions than answers.

As time went on, I would take a look at the coverage of this channel but also check your site. Then one day, I saw on your site that there was some drops made of
what appeared to be conversations between Z and what appeared to be the figurehead of the video and leaks before, the man who was the loudest of the group. When
I first read a bit of that conversation and then thinking back what I had seen up to that point. I then thought and formed what would become days later be as the
Marcel Becker Project.

II. Revisiting History of a Dark Chapter

On November 27, 2020 we published a submission received which was bits and pieces of conversations which became known as the Black Friday Files. Those files depicted
of a series of conversations between two adults. In those conversations it can be seen where the suspect and the victim were romantically linked for a time and had
typical conversations that adults have usually on direct messages. Some of funny banter, some weird, some intense, some venting, some shit talking and everything else
in between. But it also points the dissension of where everything between the two of them became apart.

The reason that Z’s doxxing happened according to the perpetrator who I will refer to as T , if you would believe his narrative. Is that T believes that the victim along
with her friend send people to a chatroom to say horrible stuff about him and would throw comments that were deplorable to his kids. And that its the main reason of why T
went after. Z , her friend and anybody to them. However, nothing is at it seems.

In the screenshots it will show one account Damien. Which in comments it shows you who in fact was Damien. This same account is run by a minor who at one time was in the
T’s discord server. The kid in question is by all purposes is a troll however keeps company with people who are considered MAPS or Minor Attracted Persons. Now ask yourself,
why hasn’t T or his friend who I will speak of later shown the chat log relay of the accounts who were there that night? Audio doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you show the
full chat relay. If I were to guess his response that it has been reported to the authorities. Honestly, I doubt that. Despite what the picture of the initial leaks of shanny’s
discord show. The card that T shows, its old as fuck. We did our research to prove the testimony’s claims. In the suspect’s channel it has the video with a different name and
added a person who on later videos months after. Upon further investigation to what we received in files, she was not mentioned in the time period until after that stream occurred.
However, in the description of the same video, it shows the original people the suspect implicated which is not the woman the suspect claimed but rather another individual. If
you look at the comments section, the account which had the name Damien the gamer who according to the testimony is hosted by the minor changed as well. To verify that the title
was the one the source provided we check the link of the changed title to see what the title if was before. The results came in via the wayback machine’s website. The title of what
the source provided was verified as the description also matched.

During this time, I was watching the show where Z was on and sure enough it was countless times accounts would come in to taunt Z or put her name in the chat or another name associated
with her. I was floored, I couldn’t believe I was seeing this again, in real time. I didn’t understand why though and from what I heard so far, it seemed to be a harassment campaign.
But that was thoughts. However, I would get some type of confirmation, in early December. I checked back to the channel where I saw the original shanny discord leaks coverage, and I saw
Z and her friend were going to speak out in Early December. When the date arrived, I watched the stream. I also saw the link that the host gave, it seemed that Z had released the entire
conversation of what I saw on your site previously, So I went to check to see if it were the same ones and sure enough. It all matched. Then somebody in chatroom linked his channels and
I check both. I also saw the livestream that T conducted and it was also the rebuttal of Z’s interview. Then after both livestream ended. By nightfall, I checked T’s channel. He had uploaded
a video which was very incriminating to say the least. I clicked on the video and I saw it. It was pictures of Z which including ones where it showed her in her panties. T had actually
put that on his YouTube channel. Then I went to the video history of T’s channel and there were videos he released against Z. Including the one video which he released of Z driving the
car, manipulating said video to show that she was running over someone. At that point, I took a screenshot of that said video, download it, subbed to the channel and went back to the
previous video I watched and repeated the process. After all that, I went to check to see where these pictures and video originated. So I refer to the victim’s leaked conversations and
sure enough. It was media that she had sent to T in dms. T also made a video showing conversations where according to him, he says it was the real conversations and not photoshopped as
Z’s were. I checked again. My conclusion, it was 1/10 of what Z had released, selected conversations based on the theme T wanted to present. But it also proves that Z’s release was a legitament
release. One thing I would like to make people aware. On the video he made of Z’s pictures, T wanted to show that the pictures he received were sent to another person that Z dated. This
was done to get a high view count and get his name noticed in other communities at the expense of Z’s humiliation and the name recognization of the other person. It was also then when I
decided to report those videos I saw to YouTube by sending a privacy complaint. Because these guys had put her name out on chats. I used the name to take those videos down. When I got to
T server and I saw the email he got based of my report. He blamed it on Z who he likes to call Gypsy a lot.

So one of my impending thoughts I had was what was the full story? Because it sounded like back and forth arguments as if it were a debate. It was at moment, I decided to investigate and go
into their realm to find out for myself. That’s when I decided to start with the project and devote myself to it. Ultimately it was a project geared towards finding out everything of what
started that story. I created an account with the name of Marcel B, false background information with the exception of dob which came from one of the volunteers that lend me their permission
to use that for my investigation. I opened various social media accounts including YouTube and Discord. I took the precautions necessary. This was the account I used to get into T and his orbit.
I also created a dummy discord account to be at the other community Z was apart of in their discord server. But this account was less complex, geared to only lurk with minimal interaction. No
picture, dumb name, really basic. I still had a dob ready with the one I would use on marcel just in case. I didn’t feel the need to go in the chat since I personally saw what was going on and
then I quickly found out, one can get in the server. Anything that I can get from then or later on. I would either using my phone or my computer. Every tool I had, I used it for its purpose.
And with those I went to those 2 communities to understand everything, the backstory, what happened and what led to it. During the whole time, I was able to see first hand what it was the consistency,
to see everything that needed to be seen. So that I did, watch the streams, took screenshots of the live chat relay on both sides and participated in live chat when I could as Marcel on T’s live
chat while observe on Z’s side. After the interview that both parties made, the duplicate accounts continued, the slander of chatrooms still was happening on Z’s side. I was able to get into the
community’s discord server that Z frequented very quickly with my dummy account. So on that end, while I had no YouTube channel to interact with the live chat, I still was able to see what happened
behind the scenes so to speak. Meanwhile on the T’s side, there was this one time where in the stream that I was watching. 3 accounts came in saying horrible things to the T’s kids. Three that I can
remember are Sarah Palmer and Craig Stanza. However, in the end of the degrading comments, One of the comments said chuh at the end. After that incident he ended the stream and an hour later he uploaded
that video that now he shops around detailing what happened to him. I do remember his first name was mentioned as well. Which he declares as “doxxing”. He also said something about his address being
leaked which again I do remember it happened on the same night Z’s name appeared in the chat but I question if the account that posted was said person or even T himself.In fact when I got in the T’s
discord server, he changes his view a bunch of times of who was behind those accounts who were saying stuff about his kids, frequently. The funny thing is, it wasn’t the only time it showed up.
As I was watching the stream where Z frequented, one of the accounts showed up. It was “Craig Stanza”. I screenshot the moment because I recognize the account who showed up on T’s stream. That was
when I decided to burn the first dummy account and sent the screenshot I took of the moment to Z and told her to block it and told her the reason to block it by sending her the screenshot of that incident.
Before I send her a message, I created an invite for myself to come back. Then I wrote the message and send it to her. Then I left the server, deleted the account and created a new one in the matter of
minutes. During that process, I saw Z received the message and blocked the account. I waited a few hours until I went back in that server with another dummy minimal name.

Despite of T’s private inconsistency of his telling of what happen, it didn’t stop him to keep going with what happened in that chat. So much so that the opportunity arose when he went to another channel to
be a viewer. He went to watch that stream for the sole purpose of ‘oh look here’s a big channel whose owner has the same issues with the people like I do’ . However what he doesn’t tell you is that those people
were protecting Z as he went to those channels and harassed them there with various remarks that ranged from trollish to downright racist remarks. This was done with the multiple duplicate accounts he had of other
people’s names so the fall back went on them.

Unfortunately, Z got wind and tried to warn the channel owner to the actions T was doing. But the owner of the channel who I refer to as N got impatient and saw that what she had supplied was not enough to his
satisfaction and ignored them, to then proceed to go to T. Which then gave him the opportunity to push his view to N. And N ran with the story, believing in it so without doing any proper research prior. Part of me
feels is that he believed what T told him that he was this master troll who just went to the community Z was in to “feel it out”. He would also say that his friend is some sort of a computer expert and can identify
who duplicate account is who Obviously that’s not true because if it were then I wouldn’t be able to tell you this as I am ultimately responsible for leaking T’s discord server.

One of his favorite narratives that T likes to say is that the only person who was doxxed was him and his kids. He will also tell you that in a discord server where Z frequents, he has screenshots of them talking about
his past and posting stuff about him, doxxing him. Since I was in that server, I checked for myself on my dummy account. I found said moment on November 7th. Which was his DOB and pictures from his prior arrests which
the owner of the server said that they were found on google. However what T doesn’t tell you is that prior to that moment, The owner of that discord server told everyone Shanny called his number. He said in that same
message that T had went to search past messages from people to find in their conversation that they had when T, Z and everyone was getting along. The owner of the server covered this on his YouTube stream this incident
in detail later on in the day. I saw Z in the server tell everyone what happened and explaining the situation and took responsibility in trusting ppl she shouldn’t.While we are on the subject, I checked prior to see if
there were other incidents other than these that happened in the history of the server. Then I came across past messages that he had left in that server before he was kicked out. And, sure enough I found some information
of his name, his family’s pictures and his wife name. Except, these were put by T himself.

And as much as he can argue that the server is a doxxing server, it is not. During my time lurking in that server when I came in Mid December, I was never asked to post any personal info in general chatroom of the server.
T chose to put said information on the general chatroom of that discord server where others can see. Among other things T called his mother a whore, posted his mother’s picture, pictures of his friends, there’s a picture
of him holding a gun infront of the camera as well. And of that wasn’t enough, when the question was asked ‘What would you like for me to stream” T said “ Stream R.Kelly Sex Tape” . The person who asked the question did
it to figure out what game would he stream since he’s a game streamer. He is also Zs friend who then T would ultimately slander months later.

Anything that T tries to tell you, he will convince you that its all lies and if you want to know the “real truth” to take a look at his channel. He uses the opportunity to promote his YouTube channel which only spews half
truths, manipulated one-sided videos either by taking it out of context or not giving its proper context but enforcing what he believes it is.Upon a simple google search on just how common YouTube allows people to have multiple
“brand accounts” in one google account. We found several articles that point out how to manage those better. There’s threads on reddit, blogs that talk about this subject. For instance in a 2019 article titled ‘How to Mate
A Second Youtube Account with an Existing Google Account ‘ written by Harsh Agrawal from the website Shout me Loud. He as the title says explains how this is done but good for marketing purposes for vloggers to grow their
business. Over time the signing process of YouTube and creating not just 1 additional account but many have been simplified. In fact one of the staff opened an account to show this example. Which goes to show the highten
risk for this simplified procedure to be misused for the malicious intent of harassment.

III. Behind the Veil

Both communities T and Z’s friends are stoner communities. Although on the Z’s side in her friend’s discord is more of laid back stoner, dirty jokes and “poo/pee” jokes which often is associated with unique behavior of the
community. However, if u go back in the history of Z’s friends discord it was a bit more uncensored and dark humor. It was that charactertistic, T’s community more or less kept that same tradition despite not being in same
community anymore but it took it to the extreme. When I was in T’s server, I came to understand very quickly it was not the friendliest environment. They can pretend to say it is but it isn’t. I didn’t not feel comfortable
at all there. There was not trust in the members either. It was all about what they all agreed on, no unique thought of your own, the common goal. Despite of my own personal sentiments, I understood what I was there to do and
I played my part as I had to be myself but with their adopted mindset. I said some stuff in there against Z that I’m not proud off to this day both in that server and in dms with T. Seeing that the slander continued in chatrooms
and the server was very minimal in activity. Which I thought two things, the planning was being done in DMs and two I decided to focus on the past history of the server. So I searched from the very beginning and I saw everything.
Everything that these guys did and what they tried to hide. Given that the back of my mind, I knew that it was my only opportunity to be in T’s server. So I started screenshot the entire server. Screenshot after Screenshot.
That process took me about 3 weeks, long late hours and to balance that with my personal life. It was a challenge. One thing I would like to point out is during my time T’s server, they either T or others would delete messages
of past conversations they had to make it seem that they were not in the wrong. This would extend to purge rooms that were once in the server that weren’t there the next. It happened a bunch of times when I was a member. Which
then they would project this behavior towards other people publicly or make videos and selected conversations to fit their goal. While in Z’s Friend server I did find very lil to no anomilities, and in fact those anomities were
due to that some people were banned. My belief either the mods or Z’s friend ban the person with the option of erasing the message that led them to their ban. However, history of the prior messages of the banned person is intact.
This is not the only projection T likes to throw around as there’s othersthat I will explain as this goes on. During all of the past history of T’s server, you can see when T and his group were talking about Z’s background report
and google search of her real name and what they found. Which then T spread to other people, which is how others, including shanny came by this information.

On the server that Z frequented, T was not talked about much, if anything it was random stoner humor, dirty jokes and often dark humor that although it was dark but tamed. Looking back now do I regret doing all this? No. After your
staff and everyone looks at the folder link I send you, do you really think I would regret what I did? Upon inspection the folder link that was sent, there was over 4K screenshot images of everything that went on the server in question
which shows weird paranoid comments, heavy drug use, suicide implications which led to a welfare check of one member said that he was armed and about to kill himself, dismembered body parts, pedophillic remarks, presence of what
appears to be minors in a server and continued harassment of the victim who they referred as the gypsy due to the change of the victim’s name, her friend and several other people, majority women and other sensitive material too graphic
to post.

IV- Slander + Court of Public Opinion = Disaster.

As I was taking screenshots, T decided to change focus. He would use said focus to use N and the size of his channel as an ally to slander the Z’s friend by calling him a pedophile. The victim’s friend being ultimately the one where
the suspect posted his information in the other server and was active before the fallout. If you look in the folder you see around July or August where T was talking about what would happen if you would still hang around sexual predators
and that if you didn’t then it should reflect online as well as you are guilty by assoiation. Now I’m not insulating anything here but that out of the many foreshadowing of what was to arrive.

T tried to smear Z’s friend by calling him a pedophile in public before on his channel. But since nobody watched other than the members of the server with different accounts including his one of the many, MAM Productions, me, and new 1
or 2 accounts at most. He couldn’t pass over 20 live views at all at the times when I was there during the streams live.

*Orginally record on December 3rd 2020

So when he saw the opportunity in telling N his version of events, he took it. But knowing that N probably wouldn’t run with the previous words he was using, so he came up with another angle that Z’s friend is a “groomer”. The logic behind
this as T explains it is because he with friend who I will call B who spoke on a live stream that T hosted. Giving examples which in 20/20 hindsight sound like a friend’s suggestion. Most of what T presented to N which was reported for several
weeks were one off, taken out of context to fit his narrative to show the “sin.” What I have to say about the effort and “coverage”? it takes more than what was presented to prove probable cause of that said action if indeed was that. In fact
if that were the case, why was it not turned over to the authorities? Because that was never the intention. It was to get back on Z’s friend by using the court of public opinion via N’s fanbase and which N allowed and ran with it for weeks on end.
Unfortunately, Z’s friend caught wind of what was happening and he was just disgusted. When he defended himself on stream, I can tell it bothered him and if you ask me, he was justified to feel that way. To understand the gaming culture, it needs to be understood that its impossible to avoid that in many multiplayer games you are going to encounter minors playing the same game as you. But it also depends on the game you play. Even games that
theoretically are not for them but their parents buy it for them. After all the parents enable with what their kids watch or game to a certain extent. Upon our research we found a thread on Reddit that talk about this topic. In our finding, one thing was clear. As long as there’s no ulterior motive behind said action to then try something more nefarious, then age gap gaming is acceptable.

Upon a simple search it is in fact seen of other gamers who stream other popular known video games like fornite you will find an audience that minors do appear in on chatrooms. However, even if it is on games that aren’t for kids like Grand
Theft Auto there’s still minors watching the gameplay interacting in live chats. An article from abc news in 2007 do talk about the phenomena of violent games and kids playing them. Which, the president of the National Institute on Media and
the Family went on record to say, "The fact that they're called video games -- I think that there are still some parents who really don't take it as seriously as they should." Which later on in the said article that his institute conducted
sting operations to uncover that in half, kids from the age of 12 years old were able to buy M rated videos games which its intended age range was from 17 and older games.

V. The Real Reason

In fact you maybe asking yourself why T do all this slander onto Z and her friend. Many reasons can fit here. Getting vindication for 3 people. Especially his friend B whose about to be 22 years old, which T later said that he was the “key evidence”
in the victim’s friend being labeled a groomer. Which lets be honest here and cut the bullshit on that. You want to know the real reason as to why T targeted Z’s friend. Because he thinks Z’s friend didn’t help B.

This is the same 22 year old who believed that Z was trying to infect a computer virus on T and responded with “ she needs to be taken out“ which T says “by any means necessary” and yet they go on their rant against Z. T even google searched “Youtube
links disguised as viruses”
and its how he “diagnose” it. The paranoia in that by them was laughable to me. Funny thing, he is also the same 22 year old who keeps repeating that he was swatted. When he really was suicidal and said he was armed so when
a welfare check was called, proper procedures were taken.

In other words, all the T has to continue the ever slander of Z is the messages he had himself with Z or anybody else and B, the 22 year old who was the oldest member of the community before being kicked out. My experience with B
although minimal but the impression was that he has this entitlement complex that he was better than everyone but at the same time impressionable. This became evident when past messages left from B in the server Z’s friend show the

It went so far that T admits in live chat that somebody shared video with him that Z send to another man, a video that was by all intends and purposes a private video between Z and said man who I will refer to as R. Basically engaging
in Revenge Porn as these videos were distributed without Z’s consent and describing what he saw in a live chat room. Funny thing he was also promoting said video continuously in his own server.

Even though R said back in August that he didn’t want her to think he was disturbing her video but that “if she does something I need to have blackmail.”

Like T, I spoken to R briefly on the server and on dm and he is no isolated incident. Despite his demeanor of being a “community leader” , at the end of the day, it was facade. And how do I know that? An incident happened which I
witnessed for myself, I would like to call this incident as the Super Bowl Sunday Incident in R’s server. I was in it because I was invited to it. I was in voice chat watching the game along with R and few of the members including a
woman who’s friends with R and for that time period was close to T. This woman was the one who in one of the screenshots was telling her friend of what T found on Z’s report. And she, herself was not an isolated incident either. Because
I was in the voice chat in R’s server on what I like to call the Super Bowl Sunday incident. A man came in R’s server and then screamed at everyone for a few minutes. The story was one of his & R’s server member in there was planning
to get himself banned from the man’s discord server. To my vivid memory, the story came as who was orchestrating his said ban had said some dirty jokes to a 17 year old in the person’s server in general chat. According to the man, the
member received a warning for that as it was inappropriate behavior but would not ban. Then the truth came out when the member planned it with one of the mods. The person in question did broke down but stayed silent. People within the
voice chat were starting to blame on the 17 year old. One of them said “if she can’t take a joke then she shouldn’t be in the discord at all.” Which only angered the man and chastised everyone, including myself. His words were to the
effect of “stop being like children in planning things behind other’s back, to grow up and be adults.” I was so confused, all of this information being new to me. I just heard and paid attention. Many then were trying to cast blame on
to who told the man and was causing drama for “no reason”. The man also shut those arguments down really quickly. In the man’s angered rant, he went to explain to every one there ultimately why R was banned from his server. R was banned
because he dm the man obsessively videos about Z that T made. The action alone made the man uncomfortable. When someone called his name, I recognized who it was. It was the name who T used his name to the video I saw of Z’s pictures.
The entire time, I shook my head because I realized that these people lacked the self awareness of how their answers sounded. During that moment, I scrolled to see the message that was left. I read it and I felt disgusted. Z’s friend
reputation was being tarnished for the same reasoning these people tried to pass on as a joke? I was sicken by R actions against Z in him being complicit in the action. The level of depravity in that was just unreal to me. The man also
said something that one of the members was sent as a spy by a friend of his, but then laughed and said he was joking. Which knowing R, he took it seriously. When the man left the server, everybody was silence as they didn’t know what to
make of it. The now former mod cried as she was asking herself why. To which R and his woman’s friend and I still remember her words “ He’s always been paranoid of other people” Remember when I said that woman was not an isolated incident
either? She wasn’t. I will refer to her as S. She to my impression loves to gossip, pretty insecure herself. I have been on vc with her on few occasions at the server where she spoke random things, tried to be funny but came off as bitch.
She also said some accusations against Z who she blamed as the reason she was trying to break up her friend’s relationship and called her a bitch. That was said the first time I went into VC in the server. In fact when I first joined vc.
She was uncomfortable of me being there because I was mute. But at that time, I had a reason to be because I was at work during my lunch break and it was a loud environment. But that was paranoia at finest.Also don’t be surprised if R,that
woman use the Super Bowl incident as another way to turn victim. They are far from it. This was the woman who she and her friend T justified in a live chat to insulate that he was doing it all for.

During my time in T’s server, R also had a lot of words to say about Z and not nice ones either. However, I will give where credit is due. R was the first to acknowledge to B of what T , him and their group were doing was wrong. Although you
wouldn’t notice because B deleted his messages as he was arguing with R. But R said his name so it was easy to see who he was arguing with.

To put it short and sweet. This is a full blown systematic harassment campaign that was done out of personal resentment and to turn the victim to “Lulzcow”, to be humiliated. But there’s also another motive as to. If you are thinking that T
has an obsession with this. I am here to tell you that yes, he does. Ultimately if you follow through the beginning and end of the files. You will see that everything he’s complaining about publicly of what Z is doing or what he thinks of
others for defending Z is

“They thought they were only ones”
“They are all simps of the gypsy”
“The simps who still defend Z /the gypsy because they still think she’s cool”
“People stalk me because of the gypsy”
“Gypsy watches all of my videos”
“This all fake bullshit gypsy says to make her relevant”
“This manufactured drama is for views and watch time”
“Look how the gypsy is using this drama to build her channel”
“Everything was her lies”
“The Gypsy uses her kids as a shield”

These are all projections that he himself has done as he can only think about the analytics of his videos, what name to use or hashtags to gain attention. In my time around T, he would be subscribed to the channel and watches videos to see
if they named him. If they didn’t then he would make sure that they did in some fashion. If he didn’t see it then somebody would tell him. Now knowing myself how it all works. I understand that. However T grew his channel at that point out
of slander of 2 people for months and justifying it as “just to help get the host’s show and Z’s friend’s streams to get more views.” T’s pretty fucked in the head to try to use the conflict to keep it going and stay relevant. In dms I had
with him, he admitted that much to me as well. Even more fucked to try to blame Z for the ordeal that T ultimately push but passing it off as another of Z’s lies because she wouldn’t prove it to N. Double fucked that T gotta use his kids as
bait so then he can point back and say they going after his kids when he himself post media of theirs. He did it then, he’ll do it again in the future.

VI. Breaking Point

T and his group were always paranoid of anyone who was either not active in the server or was found of suspicion of being a “spy” you were kicked or ban from the server. Hence why there was never trust within the members in there. In other
words, they were really afraid of gay-ops because they never wanted people to know the extent of what they have done previously.

I remember when I made my way into T’s server on December 29. the woman member at the time asked me to dox myself by either put a timestamp picture of myself in general or what is called cool people chat in their server or to step on camera on
voice chat to show who I was. So I ended showing a picture a volunteer provided for me in real time as they were on video call with me. Funny thing, she said that Z would eventually overdose and some repeated that notion in the history of the
server. Then there was this incident where another member whose the older of the bunch to question me on dm. The whole quick interaction was odd as it was not normal behavior but given what I had, I can see why the fear. What led to my breaking
point was on a Monday in February. Where I got notification that the host of the show which Z co hosted was done a solo stream and I went to watch. What made this stream was the onslaught of accounts that came in wer non stop. It became so hectic
that there was an account that came in that said that they would love to touch the Z’s kids.

When I saw that, I was nauseous, I felt sick. Z was around as she was moderator in the chat. She even went to the server she frequented and post that to show what happened that day. I felt bad for her. Here I was sitting onto all the screenshots
and other material while she had to continue to live in the slander of it all. At that point I made up my mind. I needed to get out of the T’s server. That night in T’s server, a new member came in which then I realized many theories of what were
corrected. As in my view there’s no coincidence for anything. It disgusted me. But I continued to screenshot the server. Then there was a video they linked. So I searched the title and I watched it. It was a video review of a video that I remember
seeing on your site that other people made who tried to help Z. After hearing a few minutes of the review video, it wasn’t much of substance so I turned it off. But the woman bashed Z in the sever. T and everyone were playing dumb in there. Then
they stopped talking and I turned to another tab and watched a movie.All of a sudden, minutes later I heard a ping.The woman went back and bitched in capital letters that somebody had leaked something out. I laughed as minutes before she said she
was smart. Who leaked that? I have no clue. But in the screenshot she said that she wanted the person to let people know she would look up something. Which was what was talked about earlier of the run over incident that the elder member pushed.

However, if you look at how they piece it together. If you search for Z’s real name on google, you’ll find a police blotter. When you click on it, it shows the baby incident. This was on May 2017. However, if you search for Z’s name on the blotter,
he name comes up on the following month for June where her charge was 6th Degree Larceny which in the state she resides in, its a misdemeanor charge.

How that whole run over baby incident came to be is T and his group just based themselves out of a google search and merged with an arrest Z had on March 2020 for driving carrying weed and suspended license with the May 2017 accident. The larceny
arrest and the 2020 arrests, she herself admitted to in the interview I saw and in private as well. Which that new female member saw also as she was in attendence. Many of you can say she was just trolling or doing gay ops. She’s probably the worse
one to ever had done such a thing. However, I took the opportunity and took that last screenshot and exit the server. Then I deleted the discord and closed every account I had opened. I had enough of them, I couldn’t take much more. I realized what the next step would be. To start to leak the stuff I had piece by piece in Z’s Friend server. They needed to know. So I did it. That’s how Z contacted me, asking me who I was. So I told her of my journey. I still remember what she asked
me then. “How can I trust you? How do I know you left those people who were responsible for doxxing me and my children?” Which I then told her “You saw what I just posted in the server. Do you really think I would be with them if I was still?” Then
I showed her many more things they said about her in private and her reaction to it haunts me to this very day. Distraught, anger, sadness, trauma.The one thing I will say about Z. If there’s one thing I can say and I told her this in private much
like I say now. Her only sin was that she was too trusting of these people. When I told her that, she recognized that I was right. When I first spoke to her and I asked her what happened she in her own words told me word by word as I heard in the interview
which had the consistency. As in contrast with T which was no consistency to what he said in private and in public. Z showed me a screenshot of a comment that had her name and her high school in it that gave her the warning that they would mess up her
life one way or the other. I knew it was T doing it, the excessive emojis and the hand sign he stupidly did during some livestreams.

She also showed me a twitter comment that the minor troll left on her profile that her son needed to get off of the noose since it was statistics that he was going to die. She also showed me the comment B made on the stream where he said that her son
needed to off himself as well. She even showed me a screenshot that one of the mods took of one the accounts that came sometime ago to see if I recognized it. And I did. It was one of the accounts that came in T’s stream, Sarah Palmer who said comments
about his kids but the words said really were eye opening. Then she showed me what I sent her on Craig Stanza and I confirmed it was me who warned her. We both connected the dots and realized who started it in that mess in the first place T himself.

It all sicken me. I also checked in the video stream where I took the live screenshots the first time I saw the incident. This was on March and I saw that the name was changed but the picture that was used wasn’t. Which confirmed that T owned the account
and was trying to cover his tracks.

I am aware that T will use this to blame someone who is troll and one time a “friend “ of his. However if anything he was more of a “tool” useful to T to do the sock accounts to go onto the chat rooms with T to taunt Z. That is until T met N, then the
troll was no longer of use to him. He would then go around and say that the troll with then another person were the ppl responsible for those comments of his kids. He has changed people as he went along. Then the other excuse was his eldest member knew
who the other accounts were. It’s all false. I will say this though the “search” they made on Z, it was made on a website which sells you these high points of being in watchlist in order to get you to buy said searches. Which ultimately lands you in no shit.
T deleted the post where he was showing the process of buying the report. However by then I grabbed said message id of the post. Anything they could’ve found, Z admitted to on her interview which I saw and later repeated to me in private afterwards.Now T will
form the narrative or ask how do you know it was me or say all that is fake or that its so and so is my stalker or i’m “simp of the gypsy” I will make this abundantly clear. T is manipulator who only fancies himself as the victim to his benefit. He’s not a
victim at all, never was. Self serving with no loyalty but to himself. Which in that sentiment, he relates to some extent to shanny. Speaking of which, he and group went to her first as a troll to make her a “weapon of cringe.” As time went on, they saw
that the community who criticized shanny were wrong , even though he was aware of the mother’s video detailing the conditions her grandchildren lived because of shanny. He thought other people were getting way to involved in her business….irony considering
how his take on it now since the neglect came to light.

I would like to make it known that the creator of T’s discord is infact T’s son. He has access to everything his dad has. Which gave him the opportunity to see what was being posted there. In the many conversations within the server, J relies on his kid to
do some permissions for him that he couldn’t do. In fact J’s son made some very incriminating remarks on a video which I obtained copies for. Basically saying he knew about the video his dad was shown by his buddy R.

*Timestamp 7:43 - 7:48 “I know your sex tape ok”

He also said something about all the drama started because his father refused Z’s sex. I went back to read at the conversations again. All I saw was 2 consenting adults who were playing the flirting game. He wanted as much as she. But, T ran out of
patience with Z. You can clearly see that although he knew that Z was engaging in the flirting. He didn’t care in understanding who she was a person or to ask beyond that. He didn’t want to. He wanted the affair, not the attachment. When he saw that
Z simply just wasn’t his idea of what a woman was to him to just be the object. He shamed her and came up with the reason that he trolled her. No more, no less. That same video he said that his dad didn’t call Z’s friend a pedophile. Funny considering
that I was in the stream when his dad said it or ask T about the infamous account which in the end it has Z’s Friend online name promotes sexual abuse. He also talks about the accounts I mentioned earlier. Strangely enough he mentions of the minor troll
who he’s friends with. He says that his father lied that he’s a felon. Which he was charged with the felony count of the crime but were dropped. Now let me say this. If he was willing to lie about that to other people. He will damn sure lie to those closest
to him as well in any aspect of his life to who he has known and talk to. He’ll make it seem that he was never there with his own name, that it was an alt account but that “The Gypsy” is following him to ice him out. God knows how many excuses will he
make in the future to justify anything.

Hell I caught him lying in the dms he had with me and in live chat which he admitted to in the server. So the real question is…what’s the real truth T? Then again, you can’t because as you said yourself, you like to leak misinformation because its all
apart of a game to you.

Now how can I prove everything that I’m letting your staff and everyone know is said case. My proof is the Discord user and server id. I made that public so people can check that the ids I obtained are in fact of the people who participated in the period,
myself included. Which will prove that the account no longer exists. How can I get all that if I wasn’t in their server?

Now despite of what I am showing now on this release, there’s a lot I’m not showing like message ids, direct messages conversations I had with T and his group, R’s entire server, archived streams, and any other material. All that was turned in to the victim, Z.

VII - Aftermath

I last spoke to Z on February 28. I stayed a bit just watching videos in YouTube but I couldn’t look at chatrooms the same way. So I went away around Mid March from the youtube platform all together as I needed to. It took a toll on me personally because
of everything I saw during those short months. Since then I didn’t know much of what has been happening recently other than the shanny debacle that happened which appeared on Kiwi Farms. I took upon myself to check on twitter on both shanny situation after
I saw the article. Then what T has been up to a bit. It was easy to look because I don’t have a twitter and running a search is quick. I saw that T is still up to his old tricks “enjoying” the community he’s now in. He’s possibly going to other places posing
as a good ol boy. The only thing I will say is this to that community he’s now or anybody who chooses to interact with him and his group. If he did this to a community he was actively a part of out of revenge, ignorance and resentment. What makes you think
he won’t do the same to you in the future? And what makes you think that he’s not doing the sock accounts of your community already? As I checked on T, I also checked up on her. That’s when I found out. Z herself was kicked off the show. Which didn’t seem
right. As days went by to recently, I saw a stream where the host of said show blamed Z for everything T did. Including the one where Z had said that she had started some slanderous rumors that host had raped someone. Upon further investigation we discovered
what the source was mentioning. On May 24, 2021, a youtube channel where the victim originally was co-host announced that the victim would no longer be featured on the show and was being replaced. No explanation as to why in the said stream was given to indicate
the reason. That would soon change on June 8 a livestream was aired where the host of said podcast mentioned that although the victim mentioned that she had spoken to the other person of the incident. Ultimately it was a stream where the host went on a tangent
against victim to she being the cause of his show failing because of low views and her issues with the suspect. That he only had one point of view while not heard he other side. During said transmission, no screenshots were presented to prove said claims from
the host. While in the chat room, many were turning against the victim and one who was saying that the suspect was and is a good friend to haveI will say this specifically to the host of the show. Did it ever occur to you to ask yourself who told Z of it? Because
if we really want to get to the bottom of who spoke about that then somebody said it and gave the insulation of said gossip to Z for her to interpret that? And if you know of those answers then why go out on a live podcast to blame her? Because you saying that
Z is going around telling people that you screwed her over and that its “hurting you.” Don’t be pathetic. You wanted the drama. You never said the reason why you replaced her publicly on that said episode when you could’ve done so? It would have prevented the
confusion in others as to why it was done. Get it out the way. But no, you instead dragged it for as much as you did. Also, blaming her for everything else as to why your show is not doing well? How could not be when said show has no structure to begin with. And
I’m not the only one who is saying this. But since you have said that having no structure was by your design. Well, you really can blame anybody but yourself on that.

And yes, T was trying to pedal what happened in that said chatroom of the video I told about to 4 chan asking B to post it. That lets me know 2 things. He’s never been to 4chan. Two he was looking for others to see what’s happening to him. But then again, he and
B always liked the concept of the personal army for them.

Z explained to you what it was and despite according to your words Z told you to blame “someone else”. As a friend you called them out in private and leave it where it is. You were a friend to her and she to you right? Bottom line is, it was T and his crew who kept
pushing said rape allegation for months on end using conversations Z had with what appeared to be with R. Or have you asked them of the accounts they posted the videos to show the allegation . He went to chat rooms with a sock account with your name saying that the
remarks. But yet, you blaming her for the spread and for her issues with T as to your show is failing? But yet you say that you care about her and wish her nothing but the best? Do you know how stupid you sound? I will say this to you though. Since you kept repeating
only hearing her side and that you heard the “other side”. Im sure that you didn’t know T’s elder friend were looking to pursue a sexual harassment case against you in December and that he spoke about it in T’s server? Which also shows T repeating the group that he
endorsed in doxxing Z. T condoned for his elder friend and others to find information on Z. For which he, B, the minor that was in his discord and the troll went in and taunt Z. In specific for T and the minor it was to put her name in said chatrooms.

Now why did I mention of that group with T’s endorsement. Because that group put slanderous accusations against Z on a Doxbin on November 24. I know because I found it a week after the fact and I went to the admins and told them to take it down. I preserve the text message
which I spoke to the admin and the uncensored version of that bin. They put what they found on google and added their slander repasted it with the title “Girl ran over a baby, Raid her. ”For all the crying that they want to do that’s public information and that it isn’t
doxxing. They confusing that with the legality of doxxing. Doxxing isn’t illegal unless you threaten to ruin someone’s life with it.

The minor troll spoke transphobic words against Z’s youngest child on twitter. B did it as well but T did his diplomatic answer but this was after the minor troll taunted Z with it. But then again T in the past said and called her a man. Which the reason behind that one is
because she dressed as a guy for an episode on the podcast months before. They did also call her a tranny in the server as well. T likes to claim that Z changed her name to the gypsy because she switched on twitter, what he doesn’t tell you is that he’s been calling her
that since August It also shows the part where he and L imagined if she lost the show, it would be great.

You talk about hearing all sides? Now you have just read mine.

VIII. Conclusion

So why did I tell you this to your staff and everyone else? Because this is just one example, of the many. Its becoming a major problem that is ever growing of harassment plus other malicious behavior on the YouTube platform. From what I have seen this a growing
problem in other sites as well. I’ve read stories told by others who have gone through similar behavior and some weren’t so lucky that some lost their jobs over, some even worse. Said action personal or otherwise committed by one should not be public consumption
or condemnation when the public themselves have their sins just as the person who spreads it. And even, then it provided real substantial and consistent evidence that show said claims. In 2019, Youtube rolled out several features to combat online harassment and hate
speech as it introduced features which gave channel owners a chance to review toxic or malicious content before it went public on a chatroom. It was first given to big channels before it was a default choice on every channel by the end of that year according to an
article by Engadget. Other features where if any channel owners were at fault that they would be kicked out of the Youtube Partner Program. However in the same article it explains how right wingers became target of these crackdowns of youtube’s new rules. As the
author J. Fingas puts it “Bigoted insults, implied threats and systemic behavior are all forbidden.” However, an article written recently in 2021 by Kate Cox of Are Technica which describes similarly what the testimony explained. That despite said changes, according
to the article YouTube still has an impending problem. Cox says that “YouTube has not been great about applying its already existing policies evenly across the board.” she then goes to explain the action of a high profile conservative celebrity who’s video although
had hurtful comments, it did not violate policy. It was only when it broke the news of what had happened plus the outrage that YouTube mended his stance and banned the celebrity to sell ads on youtube’s platform. The victim of the celebrity’s harassment was of an
openly gay reporter with left wing political views. We also found an article that was written by Kat Tendberge from Business Insider who broke the Shanny child neglect and endangerment story to mainstream audience. Once that happened, YouTube took a stand and deleted
whatever account she has had left after 2 of her accounts were banned before the article came out. Based upon our reading of these articles it became clear the YouTube or its head company Google has not had its priority straight. The testimony that we received has of
a similar opinion. Unfortunately, youtube as well google or any other tech companies really don’t give a shit this unless 2 things happen. Either they get bad publicity for it or they lose money out of said situation. And that has to change, that’s got to stop. The
many warning signs that were missed like Elilot Rodger or Randy Stair per instance or even recent events like the what happened in New Zealand and how that video ended up there to their refusal to take down video that was being streamed in Colorado of the supermarket
shooting. If the people here I’m referring to are YouTube channel creators which ultimately Z is still suffering for it to this very day. If the issue is hard with them and her. Imagine a bigger world beyond YouTube creators and the stories you don’t hear? Just because
you don’t see it, doesn’t mean its not happening. Anything can be said about me or my methods. I expect full criticism, debunking and all the theories,discrediting me. Overall I expect everything, anything , and nothing. Honestly, I’ll laugh because I truly don’t give
a shit what people think of me. I know who I am and know where I stand. This wasn’t my story to tell and my reasoning as to why I told it now doesn’t matter as much as the people who have been hurt by all of this because of T’s obsessive actions. Why Z herself hasn’t
spoken out on her own regarding this? Honestly, I don’t know and I can’t pretend to be her to know. But after what the host did and the reactions from that. Made me decide to speak out. If my testimony helps in giving actual victims of any hope to come forward or for
these tech companies to better their current polices on the matter So be it.

*Pseudonyms have been added and censored information has been added upon the source’s request in the original testimony letter.

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