Submit A Leak

If you have sensitive information to disclose, PLEASE for your safety do NOT try and contact us via Twitter!!.

To begin, if you are considering disclosing sensitive data, documents, or information to us (or any other publisher)
- you should start by downloading and installing the TOR Browser Bundle to access this website.

Using your Tor browser, go to this address and obtain a Protonmail account. https://protonirockerxow.onion
This is an Onion address and will only open in a Tor enabled browser (see above). With Protonmail
there is no need for the use of PGP to encrypt messages to us, as we have a Protonmail account just for submissions
- and Proton to Proton E-Mail is automatically encrypted with PGP.

Please note, we do NOT recommend using your personal E-Mail address to contact us.
For the purpose of source protection, we do NOT want to know who you are - or have any
identifying information transmitted to us.

Using your secure E-Mail (either a Proton account, or your own and PGP), you may then contact
us at our disclosure address -

Please describe you disclosure in as much detail as possible. You may attach small to medium
size files to your message.

If your disclosure involves large files, or if your disclosure is self-explanatory and you would
like to submit it to us anonymously without contacting us (not recommended) you may
use our secure drop box