Recent Updates

27-11-2020 The Black Friday Files.

23-11-2020 Anonymous Declaring war on Youtuber Shannyforchrist and friends.

14-11-2020 Anonymous Wistle Blower raises alarm about of Baltimore school.

12-11-2020 Shannon and friends Private Discord coversations

01-09-2020 Speaking Frankly: Safety at Fort Hood, TX, By Anesthesiologist Shuyan Huang MD

30-08-2020 : Curse of Fort Hood Continues: The Tragic End of Elder Fernandes

17-08-2020 : Walmart Endangering Employees Lives in Pandemic at Warehouse in Fort Worth Texas

16-08-2020 : The Election of the Sheriff, and Corruption of hillsborough County (FL)

31-07-2020 : The Oss files, Arie Den Dekker's struggle with the Oss township

29-07-2020 : Julian Assange Gets aid from Anonymous And Supporters

25-07-2020 : The Death of Vanessa Guillen III

15-07-2020 : The Death of Vanessa Guillen II

12-07-2020 : Update on the Jullian Assange files

11-07-2020 : The Death of Vanessa Guillen I

11-07-2020 : Effects of Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment on the Army Profession

11-07-2020 : The Death of Gregory Morales

11-07-2020: Ford Hood, Get Involved

05-07-2020: Shanny for Christ , the KF Files

09-08-2013: Ferguson Files Update

20-01-2013 : Steubenville Files Update

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