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Walmart Endangering Employees Lives in Pandemic at Warehouse in Fort Worth Texas

Wallmart Branch located at 5300 Westport Parkway in Fort Worth Texas.

We got an Email from an Enployee of Wallmart who shared with us some insight on the Wallmart Branch in Fort Worth Texas
so we did some research on this subject and found an interesting article about this specific branch of Wallmart wich was
published by reporter Domingo Ramirez Jr. July 09, 2020 04:50 PM

Fort Worth
A Walmart employee filed a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Thursday against a Walmart
distribution center in northeast Fort Worth where almost 60 employees have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the
complaint. The company has not closed down to clean the facility, according to a news release from United for Respect.
United for Respect is an organization of retail workers nationwide that is seeking higher pay and better working conditions
for employees. The current Walmart employee, who is not identified by name, said in the OSHA complaint, “The distribution center
has 58 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, which was disclosed by management.” An additional five employees at the center are
“presumed positive,” according to the complaint obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Thursday. “Social distancing has not been
enforced at 6 feet, (and) the number of positive cases continue to rise,”
the complaint stated. The Walmart center is at 5300 Westport Parkway
in northeast Fort Worth. “While we are not going to comment on the specifics of any particular complaint, the controls and practices we have
in place are consistent with CDC and OSHA COVID-19 preparedness guidance,”
said Robyn Babbitt, a Walmart spokeswoman, in a Thursday email.

As of Thursday, there have been 16,700 positive coronavirus cases in Tarrant County, and more than 250 deaths, according to data from the county
public health department. Walmart officials said they have 1.5 million associates working in the United States at stores and other facilities
located within 10 miles of 90 percent of the country’s population. “Walmart is not immune to the impact of COVID-19,” Babbitt said. “That’s certainly
the case in many of the country’s hot spots that have felt the devastating impact of the virus.”
The Walmart employee who filed the complaint said
hazardous conditions existed in the packing, inbound, outbound and pick tower areas of the Fort Worth distribution center.“I’m getting more worried,”
the employee recently wrote on social media.

Babbitt said Walmart officials are working with local health officials and taking proactive steps to help ensure the safety of associates and customers.
“For associates that have tested positive, they are using our COVID paid leave options as they recover, in addition to the paid sick leave that is offered
to all of our hourly associates,” Babbitt said. Babbitt said Walmart has invested nearly $1 billion in compensation and benefits in less than three months
for associates. Walmart officials said they are providing masks, gloves and protective eyewear, and taking temperature checks, cleaning facilities and
implementing social distancing. “We will continue to be proactive,” Babbitt said, “in our approach to health and safety.” Walmart has not publicly
disclosed the number of coronavirus cases at the company’s locations, United for Respect officials said in a news release. UFR members started an online
public COVID-19 tracker that tracks infections and monitors store conditions, according to the release. To date there have been at least 22 deaths of Walmart
associates from COVID-19, UFR said.

The Statements made in the star-telegram Article that the Wallmart officials made do however conflict with the information that we have received from a source
who of cause does wishes to stay " undisclosed " for privacy reasons. but here is the information that was send to us from this Undisclosed source:

[Quote from the EMAIL ]

· Warehouse averages 8 weekly Covid-19 call ins

· Air Filtration laughable

· Social distancing is not being practiced most especially at the replenishment work areas in the pick tower and at sorting. Workers are at best a foot
or two from one another

· Masks are worn incorrectly by workers, leads, supervisors and managers. Many times employees pull the mask below their chin or expose their noses.

· Workers who fall ill at work and ask to go home or call in sick are penalized with occurrences that become an excuse for firing most especially so with
temporary workers. Management hates to fill in paperwork so in many cases do not record the instances. There many a time the employee’s evaluation becomes
negative. Management, apparently rather have a sick or injured employee become a danger to their fellow coworkers.

· Seasonal workers are very often let go between 90 and 120 days so they can be prevented from being made permanent with the added costs of benefits they would
be entitled to.

· When a new story recently broke about an employee tipping off OSHA; suddenly areas in the break rooms became off limits but not enforced in a panic. Smoking
areas do not practice social distancing enforcement.

· Given the huge numbers working on any shift, the toilets for male employees let alone female employees are a joke. There are two main toilets on the work floor
near the pick tower and forklifts with one toilet and one urinal at each of the 2 locations. The forklift urinal has been unavailable for over a month and now
access has been completely closed for over a week. The only other location has had its solitary urinal closed for over a week. Just a few days ago a verbal altercation
took place between a shift worker and maintenance manager because the desperate worker ripped off the plastic tape on the urinal as he had to emergency pee. The worker
was threatened with a firing.

· Safety compliance with pandemics measures is taken at lip service. Suggest you insert a worker and do surveillance to get the inside scoop.

If this is what happens here it is likely the same at other Walmart locations. Check it out and you might discover exactly what Walmart thinks of employees throughout their business model.

If you have Work at this Wallmart branch and have information that could help us
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